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We service and have many lasting close relationships with builders in Northern Arizona. Our reputation for superior quality, professionalism, and assistance with off-site solutions for on-site simplicity is our legacy in Northern Arizona. These are attributes we are dedicated to preserving for our customers and contractors.

Home Site Build


Custom homes are our specialty and we are here to help you understand and navigate the complicated truss process for your build. Please refer to the truss process below and fill out the questionnaire on our Free Quotes page to submit your plans and find out how to prepare and proceed. Also check out our term, tips, and frequently asked questions.

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We value our relationships with our lumberyards – who create a one stop shop for your project needs.  We are happy to provide our expertise and help contractor sales understand and work through complications for their customers. Western Truss is a great resource for off-site truss solutions for contractor sales and customers.

OUR PROCESS - from Quote to Delivery

Involve us EARLY in the design process to help make your dream home a reality!

Wood Truss Tools

Gather Necessary Info

  • Using our Free Quote Tool – the following info is sent directly to a field rep to start your quote:
  • Contact Info
  • Build Site Location
  • Construction Drawings or Building Plans
  • Estimated Project Start Date
  • Contact Info for the Framer or Builder


Decipher Building Plans

  • We input your building plans into our Industry Leading Engineering Software
  • Your Truss package is developed in a field friendly way for an efficient build
  • If your project is already designed, we will still offer our suggestions to help value engineer your project


Value Engineered Trusses

  • We work to meet your project needs in the most cost effective means possible during design and production
  • Our designer’s knowledge is built on their experience on the production line
  • This experience looks to reduce waste, minimize over engineering, and save you money

Quote and Calculator

Free Quote & Specs

  • Quotes are returned to you and await your approval.
  • Quotes include all the necessary specs, in regards to trusses, needed to submit your permit with your local jurisdiction
  • Through this process we are confident we will gain your trust and you will come back to us for your final truss purchase

Clock and Home Schedule

Schedule Project

  • When you Approve the Quote, let us know when you will be ready for Trusses
  • Construction timeframes are complicated and we understand there are a lot of moving parts
  • We will always do our best to accommodate YOUR SCHEDULE

Measuring Tape

Measure & Confirm

  • Once your Stem Wall is in place, we verify the true build dimensions of your project
  • We Measure & Confirm all of our custom home projects to ensure the truss package will fit what is actually built on site
  • This is a service that only a LOCAL Truss Plant can provide

Saw Cutting Wood


  • We send your project to production just before your requested Delivery Date to ensure a fresh package when it is delivered
  • We are happy to work with you if you encounter delays after production has begun

Delivery Truck


  • All packages are bundled in a travel-safe manner for delivery from our facility to your jobsite
  • Delivery to your Jobsite happens WHEN YOU WANT IT & WHERE YOU WANT IT
  • We will do our best to provide your truss package when you are ready, not before

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