Why Western Truss

What We Do

Specialize in Custom Roof & Floor Trusses

Western Truss specializes in custom homes that require experienced field reps who can sort out the most complicated builds. For over 30 years, we have dedicated ourselves to custom builds. Within our team, we work to build your quote, value engineer your project, and customize your project to your foundation.


Use Industry Leading Software and Automation

In order to build you the most cost-effective package, our industry leading software, developed by MiTek, allows us to build your package with proper engineering using the best combination of wood products to minimize waste and thus, cost to you. The equipment and software are designed and built to communicate and work together for seamless transition from quote to build.

Provide Off-Site Solutions

Problem solving with customers is a top priority at Western Truss. Building is full of changing variable needing on-demand solutions. Western Truss is here to help navigate the specialized application of trusses during your on-site implementation. We’re here to help problem-solve and find solutions that are custom to your project; from understanding your needs in the field, to translating them to the best value engineered solution for production; we are here to help with the entire process.


Offer Free Quotes

Understanding how much your build is going to cost is a constantly shifting each day. We are here to help you plan ahead with a free quote that is evaluated by a specialized field representative who understands building and the large significant costs that come with it.


Who We Are


Western Truss was founded in 1986. Our manufacturing facility was born as a single slab of concrete and an office in a camper shell. With a vision of a superior product and excellent customer service, Western Truss has grown into the trusted, premier truss supplier for custom home builders in Flagstaff and all of Northern Arizona.


Western Truss started out with 3 employees and grew to 180 employees with 24/7 production. However, Western Truss quickly learned that it values quality over quantity. We scaled back to better serve all our customers and not lose the superior quality of our product. Western Truss will continue to keep its customer service and quality product as its top priority.

Our Collaborative Process

As a locally owned and an employee operated truss supplier, our customers, community, and employees will always take precedence in the vision of Western Truss. Our company is managed and run by the employees who are responsible for producing your product. Our most dedicated, hard-working employees operate Western Truss as a team – planning, operations, and problem-solving is all decided and implemented by this board as a whole. With a team of diverse voices and ideas at the helm, Western Truss is guaranteed to stay community-based with efficiency, quality, and customer service at its forefront.

Truss Machine

How We Operate

Quality Products 

Building trusses requires two major components – wood and metal plates. Western Truss works closely with quality lumber production suppliers to find and use the highest quality lumber produced in North American. This product goes through multiple inspections for quality before being used in the production of your product to ensure top quality. Out metal plates – used to bind the wood together – align with our equipment and software from Mitek to provide proper strength of your product. Our product will not be built only to code requirements. Our standards exceed code requirements to ensure a home that will last for generations to come.


Our team is constantly working to streamline the truss process and quality customer service from the initial customer contact, to designing, to production, to delivery, to billing. To serve all of our customers and their individual custom project needs, we work as a team to solve issues and complete quality projects in the time that you need them. Our facility has been re-designed and re-structured to increase efficiency, employee safety & workability, and ensure a superior product.  Whenever possible we promote from within the company to help ensure that all employees have a superior understanding of the truss process and the complexity of custom construction projects.

Automated Equipment

Western Truss works to balance the drive for building the best quality product in the quickest time, without costing our customers more. Our industry leading MiTek equipment, is thoroughly maintained, inspected, and upgraded to bring you the best custom product for your project. All of our equipment communicates with our engineering software to build your project in a smooth, error-free manufacturing process.

Minimal Waste

Every custom truss build results in a minimal amount of lumber waste from each cut piece. However, at Western Truss, all waste is reallocated for use back in production. If it is deemed unusable, it is then compiled and sent to a plywood manufacturer to be chipped and used. This process not only helps us keep the cost to the customer lower, but helps to minimize our climate impact.

Solar Powered

Western Truss has worked to put its growth back into the service and use of the production facility, most recently with solar panels. Our production facility consists of four large building warehouses, one maintenance shop, one sawyer building, and an office held on 10 acres. This entire facility is powered with solar energy. This allows us to bring you a quality, energy efficient, climate gentle product.

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